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Barbados, beautiful Barbados, island in the sun with its blue waters and golden sandy beaches. This, the most easterly of the Caribbean Island chain, is a gem for Bajans and the many tourists who visit.

Barbadians do not take this treasure for granted. Bajan folk enjoy a regular sea bath and may be seen basking in the sun on week-ends and holidays. 

Little BIM as the island is affectionately called, a hand-down from our mercantile leader Bimshire England, celebrates its Independence with the NIFCA (National Independence Festival of Creative Arts) Gala annually during the month of November. 

Although Barbados became Independent on Nov 30 1966, NIFCA is celebrated every year over weeks and features the best of Bajan talent. This is an incredible time to be on the island. But if you are looking for the real Bajan Festival then the lead up to Grand Kadooment during the summer is perhaps the best of Barbados. 

During this celebration of Bajan Crop Over you can expect to be entertained with Calypsos reflecting the Bajan Society. Young and old, local or visitors, all frequent the Calypso Tents where budding and veteran calypsonians vie for a coveted place to represent their art form in the Pic-o-de-crop Finals. 

This potpourri of Bajan singers and comedians is second only to the colours and glitter of the creative genius of the Bajan costume designers. These local designers parade their Crop Over Kings and Queens during the Cohobblopot ( talent mixture festival) and even feature the very young in a separate Kiddies Kadooment, all at the Barbados National Stadium. 

This entire festival culminates in two major street activities, the Bridgetown Market – a flea market extraordinaire and the miles long Bajan Crop Over Carnival. The Grand Kadooment – a parade of Crop Over bands some of which host thousands of Bajan revelers, starts at the national stadium and finishes at the Spring Garden Highway. 

The boundaries of Barbados spread into the international arena first during the production of the movie Tamarind Seed. Barbadian born, the late Alfred Pragnell, a great actor and entertainer of Okras in the Stew fame, was a pioneer of Bajan talent. Soon Bajans were swimming with the sharks and our sons of the soil penetrated both the entertainment and sports industries.

Sir Garfield Sobers “ the greatest cricketer the world has ever seen” as sung by the equally famous Merry Men, is a living legend. Sir Garry can sing the words of the Barbados National Anthem proudly, “we write our names on history’s page” for he held the record of the International Cricket highest score of 366 runs, for many years. His supremacy is celebrated with a local statue, standing just outside the Kensington Oval and we named our largest auditorium, the Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium after him.

Our sportsmen continued to shine in the lights of Darcy Beckles, a former top Body builder and Ronald ‘Suki’ King, a World best in Draughts.

Other incredible artistes penetrating the international market were Arturo Tappin and Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty. Like Alfred Pragnell both Turo and Rihanna are past students of the Combermere School. These CSOSA greats are celebrated with some other celebrities on a recently produce DVD, Voice of Combermere. 

We at Bajan Elite believe that all Bajans and anything Bajan are special. We believe the Bajan people should be paraded to their global neighbours for all that they are. Yes, we are a proud people, “a pride of nationhood”! Our Bajan folks are the true Pride of Barbados.” It is not the plants, animals, businesses or the infrastructure but rather, it is the people of Barbados who, when given the opportunity will shine brightly. 

It is for this reason that we invite the world to view our Bajan Elite. The many walks of Bajan life grouped here. We define them as Bajan BRAINS – an acronym for Business, Religion, Academy, Individuals, Non-profit makers, Social organizations. 

Bajan Elite is the new community, the Interactive Virtual Community of Bajan BRAINS, those who continue to spread the boundaries of Barbados. These fields and hills beyond recall now join the global community in a free exchange of commerce, information and culture.. 

Find out how you can be a member of Bajan Elite and join in a mutual quest of global modernization.


Welcome! You've just entered the Web presence of Bajan BRAINS -Business, Religion, Academy, Individual, Non-profit and Social organisations.

This Bajan Directory is a collection of all things Barbadian. Local and foreign Barbadians are invited to have their presence featured here.

We are the one stop Bajan Website for large and small businesses, celebrities and the layman. Our clients are the Bajan Elite – those preferred few who recognized the importance of an Internet presence.

Our members may have their main Website elsewhere but use our services as a means of projecting an almost live relationship with their social partners.

Our Bajan websites are updated regularly so as to feature current information so that you would browse unique each time you visit. This freshness brings out the best of Barbados, Bajan people and Barbadian culture.

Bajan Elite is the pride of Barbados and although our physical land is shrinking these Bajan BRAINS are the new pioneers of Barbados who with their growing numbers now daily increase the Virtual Community and spread our domains beyond recall.










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Barack Obama’s book - “Path To The White House”


If President-elect Barack Obama is reading anything other than “Path To The White House” then he is not reading the light acrostic poetry that only Khaidji can provide. I have heard a list of what Barack Obama was reading before and subsequently recommended this book to him for he and his family. It is my feeling that once Barack Obama reads “Path To The White House” he too will find it as creative and ingenious as our other readers. We would like to suggest that you get a copy but we recognize that some people will not be moved until President Barack Obama recommends this book, “Path To The White House”. This book covers his process through the Primaries to the General Election and includes Tributes to his grandmother, “Toot”, his favorite interviewer, Tim Russert, and a special Birthday wish. Readers will also read about The Audacity to Hope and my special forecast on HOPE that was written two month prior to the General Election. If I were asked then clearly I would say that “Path To The White House” is what President Barack Obama should read and I would recommend that everyone gets a copy of this treasure which uniquely chronicles this great time in American and World history.


Khaidji is born in Barbados but has a passion for the greatness of Barack Obama.


 Barack Obama’s book - “Path To The White House” and other books by this artistic writer may be previewed and purchased in physical book or immediate download from


Celebrating our Most Famous Bajan

I’m not sure of the authenticity of the information I received but if it’s true then there is something you must know about Superstar Rihanna.


Rihanna supposedly spent sometime last Christmas visiting the Neo Natal Ward at the QueenElizabethHospital here in Barbados. She is believed to have been a patient there during her initial days in this life. I think it very touching that she went back there after 19 years and even more impressive was, she had no entourage of camera craze paparazzi trailing through the Ward or its corridors.


Recently the Market Vendor was paying homage to Rihanna and offered a suggestion that given all that Rihanna has done for Barbados , maybe we can do something in return. I totally agree. Given her rise in stardom on the international market and the number of times Barbados is now on the lips of people who never even heard of us, I think we can find something creditable, to show our love and appreciation for this new ambassador of Barbados.


Sometimes, something important can cost you nothing. It can be greatly appreciated and may have great returns. The Market Vendor was adamant that a monetary gift may mean little to  this young millionaire. Again I agree. Bajans can do lots by making public our Nation’s support of Rihanna, especially given the bad publicity that some have initiated. Our Government was quick to name a local singer as role model some years ago. I still am speechless how he was eligible, especially since his social life demonstrated far more questionable behaviour than Rihanna’s to date.


I want to propose we name something in Rihanna’s name, something that she shows a passion for. Sometimes we need to take a risk on our young people. Perhaps if we can demonstrate a trust in them from as early as this then they may continue to preserve their integrity and recognize the most disruptive burden of fame, those people who follow.


If what I learnt about her visit to the QEH is true then I propose Barbados rename the ward after Rihanna. As always I play with our language and exploded Rihanna’s name. Rihanna may therefore be the acronym for the Recovering In Health After Neo Natal Arrival ward. Now I’ve done my part. I remember a theme years ago being introduced and now it’s on the lips of most Bajans when we think of tourism, “Tourism is our business, let’s play our part.” It’s time we too played some part in preserving one of our most famous Bajans ever.