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Combermere is my Alma Mater and I thank Khaidji for the trip of vivid memories


Many of my friends send me e-books, files, videos, pictures and lots of other stuff across the web. This is meant to be a convenience to you. Just upload the stuff right here and submit it. There are still some file restrictions. Wile you are here check out some of my online files. They include some of this material I received and others.

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May the Lord Bless you and keep you Safe.

I invite you to visit me regularly as I will continue to post words of inspiration for all sources that have continued to influence my life and the lives of many others.

My writing skills may be questionable but my poetry is inspirational. I will be happy to write for your unique circumstance. In the meanwhile browse here to find some of my recommended reading and access to good online tools.

Great Audio Online Bible and Bible Study tools including Dictionary and Concordance.
See also my Daily Verse and Quote.

Audio Bible
Bible Dictionary

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