The Acrostic Collection
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The Acrostic Collection

If you believe in the magic of words and that words when carefully crafted can create images more powerful than a picture, then here is a refreshing gift. If you had never liked reading before then you will be warmly surprised with this collection that mystifies and transforms the most complex stories into simple, nostalgic memories.


Khaidji (pronounced KayGee, simply KG) is a Bajan (a Barbadian, person born in Barbados) who writes in the unusual acrostic style. Since Khaidji was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and forced to live a more sedate life at home, this gift to write became very obvious. For the first 3 years the lost of vision impaired the use of a computer and it was impossible to write using a pencil or pen. Even with extremely damaged nerves, Khaidji writes regularly and over the last 2 years, has written over 2000 acrostics.



This astounding craftsmanship inspires many lives and gives readers a very positive attitude. One can see the evolution of the style, becoming fictitious at times, catapulting us into fantasies we may otherwise have thought impossible. Khaidji’s gender is deliberately made elusive as the author may even assume the personification of inanimate objects.


The collection here is as unusual in text as it is in presentation where the pages are three dimensional and will turn in either direction you click. The characters are alive and often, should you click on some of the highlighted text, you are taken into search pages where you might read or see more about the subject.


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If you are a casual or diligently reader, this collection is for you. If you are like the others who have read these pieces then you too will wonder, how Khaidji does that! Now that is something you scarcely expect to hear following general reading!


This was certainly the reaction of radio hosts as they read Khaidji’s works on their call in programs and was most probably the comment of the President of the United States of America, when he received another copy of Khaidji’s collections in this unusual acrostic style that chronicled his rise to the Presidency.


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